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Representative Matters

Lieberman LLP and its predecessor firm have provided valuation opinions and conducted forensic accounting searches and damage calculations in over 300 cases. A representative sample of our engagements follows:

  • For Federal income tax purposes prepared a calculation of value of a multi-billion dollar contingent value trust associated with a communications company’s bankruptcy proceeding. The assets transferred to the trust consisted largely of litigation claims that the bankrupt corporation and its subsidiaries held against third party banks, professional firms, and advisors.
  • Prepared an opinion of damages associated with a copyright infringement suit brought against a textile manufacturer and distributor. Using a Jeff Koons infringement case as a legal precedent, reduced damages by accounting for the added value not associated with the copyright the distributor provided through their unique sales platform.
  • Prepared an opinion of value of a stock brokerage firm that conformed to the letter of the firm’s partnership agreement and prepared commentary on an opposing expert’s report that had ignored the partnership agreement in establishing value. Convinced the arbitrator that even though the valuation prepared by the opposing expert had merit it did not take into account the agreement made amongst the parties.
  • Prepared fairness opinion and made a presentation to a special committee of the board of directors valuing shares of stock in a public company going “dark.” Valuation reflected the reality of the value of the company significantly below the trading price, based on speculation and rumor.
  • Prepared a report accounting for funds paid from a group of family-owned entities to its chief executive and related entities. Using detailed time reports, measures of work accomplished, and out-of-pocket disbursements, showed the validity of the expenditures in meeting corporate purpose.
  • Distinguished between the appropriate and illegitimate use of funds raised from investors by an investment partnership in a criminal case involving an alleged Ponzi scheme reducing the criminal and financial exposure of the defendants.
  • Established the appropriate amount of compensation of officers in a tax dispute for excess compensation issues
  • Valued a complex convertible bond issue in connection with estate tax planning using sophisticated pricing models.
  • Valued a publicly traded company in connection with litigation asserted by a shareholder with respect to the purchase of his shares in a “going dark” transaction. Established a much higher value than the reported share price. As the publicly held shares represented only 3% of the outstanding shares the low market price reflected the lack of marketability of these thinly traded shares and the dominance of the parent company. Using a “Fair Value” standard the higher value we arrived at was sustained.

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