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Litigation Support

We support legal professionals in settling or litigating claims on behalf of their clients. Our focus is on damage claims and economic loss suffered through breach of contract, intellectual property infringements, shareholder disputes, bankruptcy, and tax litigation.

Drawing upon a broad spectrum of experience, we investigate, analyze and interpret evidence to determine the strengths and weaknesses of each case. We assist clients in all phases of legal proceedings: pre-litigation strategy; investigation and discovery; expert analysis; reports and visual aids; mediation and settlement; and testifying in court as expert witnesses. Our valuation advisors are intimately familiar with legal concepts and procedures in the state courts of New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut, as well as in the Federal courts.

We understand that issuing an objective report requires an in-depth understanding of economic fundamentals, detailed operations knowledge, and quantitative analysis. Our advisors combine the use of proprietary tools, together with years of practical experience, to effectively interpret financial information.

Forensic accountants at Lieberman LLP have provided expert forensic services for a range of issues, from contract breaches to employee fraud. We are skilled at integrating our accounting, auditing, and investigative skills, honed over years of experience, into an accessible format that is suitable for expert presentations in court.

Legal professionals look to Lieberman LLP for valuation services required to assess claims in shareholder disputes, family law, and contract litigation as well as for estate and income tax matters. We have significant experience valuing intangible assets, having served as valuation experts in many patent and copyright cases.

Lieberman LLP provides the following services:

  • Valuation of shareholder/membership interests
  • Economic analysis and quantification of damages
  • Fraud investigations
  • Intellectual property infringement
  • Bankruptcy valuations – fraudulent conveyance and unrecorded intangible assets
  • Solvency/insolvency analysis
  • Taxation disputes
  • Evaluation of opposing expert reports
  • Expert witness testimony

Benefits of our Litigation Services:

  • Provide support in all phases of the litigation process, from strategy to discovery to expert testimony
  • Expose weaknesses in the opposition’s expert report
  • Communicate complex issues in a clear and concise manner that a judge and jury can understand
  • Add creditability to support stakeholders’ interests in bankruptcy and reorganization disputes, shareholder disagreements, and intellectual property actions
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